Best Practices for Developer Relations

Frequently when I speak with folks in the graphics industry about product management, questions about developer’s issues come up in conversation. Any kind of large-scale software development project requires support, so it’s not surprising we’re seeing the establishment and growth of developer relations programs in many tech companies. This got …

Why I love video game development

Do you remember your first video game? I’m talking about the one you made, not played. I remember mine like it was yesterday but it was more like 20 years ago. I couldn’t wait to learn how to make every aspect of it, it was totally addictive and I worked like 16 hour days to finish it. It took me three months. Alone. Thankfully I was being paid to make it. You see, it was actually a research project, and I was the young intern who “got multimedia” so I got the task as a young computer graphics researcher at a wonderful but now defunct research institute.