Taking a break from 3D and starting a 2D cross-stitch design site!

A little known secret about me… after work, I love to go offline – usually pretty late at night, sink into my comfy couch, turn on my TV & DVR and stitch! Yes, you heard me right, I like to stitch, cross-stitch in fact. I find the tactile nature of the effort, and the slow but steady progression toward the finished work (not to mention that each stitch completed is like hand crafting a pixel…) really satisfying and particularly calming after a long day.

So, after some 20+ years of enjoying this off-line hobby, I have decided to try to make an online cross-stitch creation tool and website. It’s called x-stitch.io and it’s basically still in the design phase, which I will be sharing here frequently. We also have a prototyping area for designing cross-stitch pieces here.

My goal is to share the whole process from concept and requirements gathering, kept in Google docs, Trello and Typeform (did I say how much I love Typeform??) to screen shots of the  application either under development now or in the vetting process by volunteer talented *real* cross-stitch designers.

I hope you enjoy my journey to create a new online tool from scratch. I am the sole PM, marketer, “CIO” if you will indulge me, and my partner is the one and only full-stack developer. We are having so much fun, and hope to work on our little side project a lot this summer.

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