About Me

Rita Turkowski – Graphics & Gaming Product Manager and Product Marketing Management Consultant

I am a results-driven 3D graphics and video-gaming product management expert with the ability to assess a market and help craft a product management and product marketing strategy (including vision statements, goals, milestones, roadmaps, even complete MRDs). All of these efforts are defined by segment positioning, customer outreach, even relevant content, and then gauged by metrics including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are used to measure market penetration and inform potential product success. I also have expertise in marketing tech tools that help manage the whole product management pipeline.

Expertise in:

  • 3D graphics & gaming technologies:
    • Graphics & game engine product management (platforms, APIs and complete SDKs)
    • Augmented reality (AR) engine product management, market analysis and prototyping
    • Virtual reality (VR) game testing, tools and SDK product management
    • 3D graphics standards experience (Vulkan, OpenGL, glTF, Collada, FBX, WebGL, WebVR)
    • General graphics and gaming business development and marketing expertise

email me at ritaturk@gmail.com if you would like to discuss engaging my services.

You can also find me on twitter @rturkowski, Skype as ritaturkowski, on LinkedIn and on Clearvoice.

Here is a small sample of my services:

A. Graphics and game industry product marketing

  1. Exposing philosophy and driving mindshare about the need for your product, platform or standard in the graphics & media sectors
  2. MRD drafting, White papers and case studies written for relevant forums, blogs, journals, etc.
  3. Tech descriptions, case studies, success stories for your own blog
  4. Analyst exposure (e.g, thru contributed articles to well known analysts and popular industry blogs)
  5. Roadmap development along with product management tracking (project management).

B. Inbound & social media marketing expertise  

  1. In house blogging expert
    1. Proficient in gauging inbound KPIs are being met via metrics and A/B tests
  2. LinkedIn and twitter presence:
    1. Frequent posts to LinkedIn company pages and/or LinkedIn groups helps to build momentum before launch and retain stickiness post launch.
    2. Well-crafted tweets help drive messaging more frequently to existing content.
  3. Expert in crafting useful and meaningful sponsored content (generally in the position of an invited guest blogger)

C. Marketing communications agility

  1. Collateral development
  2. Tag line development
  3. Event marketing via a 3rd party.

D. Business development and market analysis gathering 

  1. Strategic account and channel partner outreach and networking
  2. Leads generation (event & non-event driven)
  3. Business development meeting arrangements
  4. Identification and outreach to appropriate channel partners, with follow up as needed
  5. Drafting of key client and partner agreements, working with legal entities to ensure accurate legally binding agreements

All above billed by the project scope, on retainer or by the hour to achieve a client’s desired net results.

You can find my latest resume at: RitaTurkowskiResume2018

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